The trendy and hip village of Osborne

I have been house sitting in Osborne for the past week and am loving it. Not only is it super close to school, but it has so many cool shops and friendly people. Let’s just say, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the hip and trendy village.

Here is a photo essay I made of the area and some of the people that make up the community:



People wait for their morning bus to arrive at the main transit stop, River and Osborne, in the village./MADELAINELAPOINTE



Emily Rempel, 21, started working at Out of the Blue in Osborne in September. “It always feels like I’m in another city when I come to work,” says Rempel. “It’s a really good neighbourhood to work in.” /MADELAINELAPOINTE



The main street of Osborne is filled with one of a kind shops where you can find items that vary from old time records, to clothing boutiques./MADELAINELAPOINTE



Olivia Norquay, 28, has been working at Music Trader, a store for music trading, for the past six years. “She’s the face of the shop,” says her boss./MADELAINELAPOINTE



Augustine United Church on River Avenue has been in Osborne since 1903. This church was the first in its community to welcome and support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and two-spirited people./MADELAINELAPOINTE


"Eric the Great"

Eric Pyle, also known as “Eric the Great” plays on the streets of Osborne every day. “I enjoy the freedom of just being outdoors. There’s no difference between a famous musician and one on the street. We’re all musicians.”/MADELAINELAPOINTE


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