Work, love, play

This past week was definitely been one I’d rather not repeat. I got four hours of sleep most nights if (I was lucky) and lived at my computer eating Kraft Dinner out of the pot. Let’s just say there wasn’t much time to cook. So this week for my blog post, instead of a recipe, I am posting an assignment I made last semester for media production.

For this assignment I had to pick someone in my life who I look up to, and then film and write a one minute story about why they’re important to me. I chose to film my boss Lynn at Sargent Sundae because not only is she is a dedicated and hard working woman, but she is incredibly caring and loving. I have worked at Sargent Sundae for the past four years and Lynn has been a role model to me from the first day I started. Being a server at Sargent Sundae was my first job, and one of my favourites.

Here is the video I shot, edited and voiced over (when there wasn’t all that snow on the ground.)



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